I have an end of year challenge for you. Disclaimer: there are many ways we can make this challenge higher leverage, involving academic discourse, naming strategies, connections to real-world contexts. I'm keeping it simple, folks. Just see what happens. And then comment and share!! Rules: In one of your upcoming math lessons, only use ONE … Continue reading #1ProblemChallenge


Instructional Materials 3 Act

Look at the graph below. Prices may not be accurate. Gathered from http://www3.cde.ca.gov/impricelist/implsearch.aspx on 3/23/17. Please don’t sue me! 😉 Our Class Question (pick 1): 1. How bad does an instructional material have to be to be good enough for a school district to adopt it, but bad enough that teachers want it replaced within 4 … Continue reading Instructional Materials 3 Act

Multiplying Decimals with Area Model Lesson

I recently participated in a 5th grade lesson on multiplying decimals. The team had wanted to inquire about dividing fractions and decided this was the prior learning students were lacking to build a solid foundation. So a team of 6 of us spent a day researching standards, discussing the learning sequence, then collaboratively planning the … Continue reading Multiplying Decimals with Area Model Lesson