Question a Day

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In order to bring increasing numbers of young people into a school’s “sphere of success,” educators have to learn to do something differently through fostering intentional “learning partnerships” with specific students. These partnerships can provide an approach to ensure that students outside of the sphere of success will have access to college and career opportunities – and the learning that comes from these partnerships can guide educators to new approaches to classroom practices and routines that can benefit every student in their care.

Learning partnerships require the educator to deeply learn about a student: who they are, how they think, how they learn, and their perceptions of self. This partnership is not just a positive rapport; it is built in service of the student’s learning and development of essential skills for success in school and life. It supports the student as they utilize their assets and strengths, identify their challenge opportunities, set personal goals, and work with the educator to achieve those goals. This partnership sets the stage for the educator to help a student make conscious movement toward independent, self-directed learning and productive decisions.

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