CMC North

“Coaching for Equity: In Practice”

Online: December 5, 2020
Nova Katz

Join us as we practice Coaching for Equity to dispel the myth of the math gene. Learn appropriate responses and practice coaching through deficit discourse in a safe space by engaging in courageous conversations around race, disability, gender, and more, then role-play using newly adapted Questioning Scenarios. Feeling empowered to advocate for students by helping stakeholders move past fixed mindset beliefs supports the idea that mathematics is for ALL children.

“Building Concrete Visual Patterns: One Brick at a Time!”

Asilomar, CA: December 7, 2019
Nova Katz, Tim Hébert

Join as we discuss Coaching for Equity and then put theory to practice in Questioning Scenarios. Learn appropriate responses and practice coaching moves in a safe space. Add tools to your tool belt to dispel myths that perpetuate fixed mindsets.

Extension... Use the mixed pieces to add/edit/change the pattern. Edit your expression to match!

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