Balancing Tech into your Math Planning

When Coronavirus ramped up and our time in schools together shut down, my job as a Math Coach suddenly ceased to be necessary. Teachers were scrambling to figure out tech in new ways. I joked that I became Tech Support. In all honesty: I’m not mad at it.

If we are not infusing technology into our daily instruction in ways that other industries use tech, then we are not setting our students up for success in ANY career.

On Rabbit Holes… : WriteWright

The TPACK framework has been around for decades. I’ve only just recently discovered it. It’s a bit of a tomAto tomAHto debate: some say TePACK, some say TPACKK. Reading up on the distinctions is intriguing. I recommend that rabbit hole.

Ready to learn more about how to balance your math planning with the tech you’ve been learning about all summer?

I’ve culled my favorite resources below so you can expedite your learning! Click the images below to get your party started!

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