CUE Appearances

“Millions of Math Tools, Math Tools for Me”

Rancho Cordova, CA: October 20, 2019
Nova Katz, Suzie Craig, Tim Hébert

How can technology be used in math? Where are all the virtual tools? How can technology take my lesson to the next level? Many teachers are gaining experience with technology but math seems to be lagging. Come to our fast-paced session to learn about a plethora of great tools ranging from replacing manipulatives, to adapting instruction, to less known tools for redesigning your math class. Prepare to be overwhelmed in the best way with as much as we can pack into our short time together!

“Redefining 3 Act Tasks”

Rancho Cordova, CA: October 20, 2019
Suzie Craig, Nova Katz

Come experience a redefined 3-Act Task lesson through the Desmos Activity Builder and learn how to create your own with an easy-to-use Desmos template. Using the template, participants will experience and learn how to show an image or video clip, gather student responses to their noticings/wonderings, questions and estimates, as well as sequence student work in an organized and purposeful way to facilitate meaningful class discussions.

“Desmos Templates for Increasing Student Engagement”

Rancho Cordova, CA: October 20, 2019
Suzie Craig, Tim Hébert