Card Sorts

NCSM: Equity, Mathematics, and Mindset
with Jennifer Graziano

Card Sort Facilitation Notes:

Materials: NCSM 2019 Cards
1. Open Sort: Hand out set 1 (cards with images only) to be sorted in any way. Encourage sorting or organizing in more than one way. Ask, “How would you describe your categories?”

2. Closed Sort: Hand out set 2 (“Percent Increase” and “Percent Decrease” headers) to title the 2 groups of cards. Ask, “What do the shaded regions represent?”

3. Matching: Hand out set 3 (percentage labels) to be matched with each image in the sort based on the amount of change.

4. Extensions:
Write a scenario for one or more of the diagrams.
Create diagrams for different percentages of increase and decrease

Additional Resources:

Card Sorts Can Promote Meaningful Math Talk

Desmos Card Sort Tool

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