Instructional Materials 3 Act

Look at the graph below.

Instructional Material Prices.png

Prices may not be accurate. Gathered from on 3/23/17. Please don’t sue me! 😉

Our Class Question (pick 1):

1. How bad does an instructional material have to be to be good enough for a school district to adopt it, but bad enough that teachers want it replaced within 4 years?

2. How much money does each company make on a new adoption?

3. What are the benefits for each company to publish a high quality instructional material that can be used for an extended period of time?

What do you notice? What do you wonder? What do you need to know to solve this problem?

Additional Information:

  • Prices are based on materials for 1 student
  • Prices are based on 3rd grade materials
  • Prices are based on CA edition
  • Williams vs California (2004) legally requires each student to have access to instructional materials, meaning each student must have 1 set.

Show your work. Explain your conclusion using words & pictures. 

Tell me your thoughts...

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