I have an end of year challenge for you.

Disclaimer: there are many ways we can make this challenge higher leverage, involving academic discourse, naming strategies, connections to real-world contexts. I’m keeping it simple, folks. Just see what happens. And then comment and share!!


  1. In one of your upcoming math lessons, only use ONE PROBLEM. One. Uno. Unus. Jeden. Yksi. Moja. 1.
  2. YOU are not allowed to write on the board. (Ok, you can write the problem on the board if you have to.) 

That’s it! Try it!


Here’s an example of a 3rd grade class who conquered this challenge:


“Best lesson ever! They were so into it. I didn’t have to do anything which was nice, too. I only let one student do each step. Most students contributed. I challenged them by having them show two different strategies and added on an extra question at the end. Thanks!” ~3rd Grade Teacher

Tell me your thoughts...

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